About Al...

Having worked within coaching, sports science and strength and conditioning for over twenty years, Al has developed a wide range of skills and experience; supporting professional and developing athletes across a number of sports.  

He has a World Cup winners medal with England U20's, been promoted to the Premier League, reached an FA Cup Final, worked with a professional heavyweight boxer ranked in the top 5 in the World and supported a swimmer to breaking the British record.  

Specifically, Al has worked in football for over 12  years as head of department at Manchester City FC Academy, Hull City FC First Team and Huddersfield Town FC First Team as well as working for the FA as a physical performance coach, providing strength and conditioning support to age group squads in both the men's and women's game.   

Al has also worked with athletes from a number of other sports including both codes of rugby, boxing, swimming, tennis, MMA, squash, hockey, netball, basketball, judo, cycling, rowing, climbing,  and golf.  

Al is an accredited member of the UKSCA and is a qualified assessor and tutor for the UKSCA S&C Trainer level 3 diploma. 

Al offers this qualification as part of a strength and conditioning mentorship that he provides to developing strength and conditioning coaches from around the World. 

UKSCA S&C Trainer Diploma and Mentorship



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Reduce Risk and Improve Performance

Reducing the risk of injury and improving performance are important not just to professional athletes but to anyone involved in exercise and sport.  

Focusing on Athletic Development can improve movement quality, efficiency and performance.  

Using a combination of sport specific technique coaching and focused exercises and movements to target specific movements and muscles can improve your performance and reduce your risk of muscle injury.  

Whether it's to improve your maximum speed, change direction quicker, improve your 10k time or break the cycle of repeated muscle injury through the development of strength and robustness, athletic development sessions are available to you.  

Why not short-cut your physical development now and contact al@athleticdevelopment.pro  for more information.

Remote Support

Your athletic development will be supported through a number of methods, including:

  • An individualised programme accessed through an app
  • Video support for the prescribed training linked in to the programme
  • Analysis of sporting movement through video sharing
  • Technical coaching of lifting technique through video analysis
  • Text and email communication
  • Video chat and phone calls
  • In person sessions

Developing YOU

Al is offering the opportunity to receive support in fulfilling your athletic potential.  For a monthly subscription, we will support your athletic development through a focus on your technique and capacity in a number of areas, including: 

  • Movement quality
  • Injury risk reduction
  • Strength and power development
  • Acceleration and speed development
  • Change of direction and agility development
  • Work capacity and endurance
  • Flexibility and range of movement